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Many people have tried to lose weight and stay healthy A great number of health and fitness programs are available in the market. Unfortunately, many of them do not seem to help. Everyone of these programs claim to have found the single recipe to keep you healthy and fit.

Exercise is the best way to keep your body beautiful and healthy. Walking seems trivial, but 30-45 minutes of walking per day can make the difference between maintaining ideal weight or gain weight and become obese. The extra weight does not only affect the physical appearance but also your physical health in general.

Weight gain is gradual and you do not really notice it until a certain surplus is already present. It is then harder to lose excess weight than having to make smaller sacrifices in order not to accumulate first. Just a few minutes of exercise each day to lose a few calories and reduce fat.

Health, fitness and yoga

  • Yoga, with several other techniques, is one of mind-body approaches. A complete card sets out the principles underpinning these approaches and their major potential applications.
  • Yoga is relatively new in the Western landscape, but it is well established. It may take courses in recreation centers and health clinics, both in the metropolitan region – courses aimed at children, the elderly, people with stress, healthy, pregnant women, to Athletes…
  • Postures require stretching movements, bending and twisting that promote flexibility in the spine, solicit joints, nerves and muscles and exert an effect on all organs and glands. The digestive system is thereby stimulated, and blood circulation improved. In addition, maintaining a posture for a while causes the mind to develop perseverance and concentration, and it provides the benefits of meditation.
  • The types of yoga postures:
    • Although conventional had proven and remain unchanged for millennia, hatha yoga continues to evolve and has taken various forms, especially in the twentieth century. Each style of yoga combines postures, breathing exercises and meditation in a more or less energetic or gentle, lively or quiet. Here are the most common in the West.
    • Anusara – A new form of yoga founded in 1997 by John Friend. She quickly popularized and is now present in 70 countries. His basic philosophy is to celebrate the heart and see the good in everyone and everything.
    • Ashtanga – Characterized by synchronizing the breath with rapid sequences of postures increasingly demanding. This raises the metabolism and body temperature. Excellent for endurance. United States, we designed a particularly dynamic called Power Yoga.

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